History Heroes – Part 3

History Heroes – Part 3

History heroes part 3 has now been published with some more ideas to keep you occupied.

Would you follow the WWII Government incentives and make ‘knickers’ from an old jumper.

Over recent weeks we have been looking at the way that people had to live during World War ll. Some people have likened our current situation to those days and, although the sense of fear of an enemy, the recommendations from government and the feeling of worry about the unknown may be similar some things, for many of us are different.

Would we do this now?


Recycling in WWII, not such a recent idea then!

Energy saving WWII, again not such a recent idea then!

We were planning to be part of the VE celebrations at Severalls on 9th May and were going to show you some of the items that we have in the collection from the WWll period. As this will not be possible, we thought it would be good to remind you of the “good old days” and give you some ideas to try – if you’re desperate!

Perhaps you could come up with some ideas of your own for the following:

Meals you’ve made from “what’s in the fridge”.

How to spend your time when you’re “REALLY bored”.

What have you started to learn about that you’ve never done before?


Poems, stories, recipes, do-it-yourself etc etc. We’ll keep a Life in the time of Coronavirus record for the museum visitors of the future.

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