A brief overview of the range of exhibits and rooms that are available to see on your visit to Crewkerne Museum


Receive a warm welcome from our volunteers. They will show you the way to browse through the Museum at a pace decided by you. Souvenirs, local publications and books are also on sale here.

Special Exhibition Room

The exhibition of the moment, regularly changed and updated but always with a local theme.

Gallery One

The Grammar school and Shoe shop.

Gallery Two

Sailcloth, Linen, Webbing and Hardy.

Gallery Three

The Old Kitchen and memories from years gone by.

Gallery Four

The Ralph Reader display, local WW1 hero Fred Fox and Crewkerne Architecture.

The Andrew Room

Archive photographs and pictures of times gone by.

Outside Courtyard

View the oldest part of the Museum building constructed originally as a Somerset Longhouse. Circa16th Century.

There are other interesting artefacts on display in the courtyard.

Sit a while and enjoy the peaceful small garden.