Talks & Teas – Four Royal Invitations

Talks & Teas – Four Royal Invitations

Wednesday 8th February  2023 at 2.00pm.

Four Royal Invitations with Sheila Seymour

The English like to think that the last time we were invaded was in 1066 – debatable in itself 

In this talk, Sheila argues that it was much more recent, 1688 when William of Orange came over.  Was he invited, or did he invade?  It is a debatable point.

And what about the Dauphin, Prince Louis?  He captured London and was planning his coronation…

Then there was James I and VI.  His arrival didn’t make us one nation with Scotland – or did it?  And as a Scot was on the throne, which country could claim dominance – England or Scotland?

And finally, there was George I, founder of our present dynasty.  What impact did he make on who was in charge and how we were governed?

It’s a bit of an eye-opener!

Ticket price £5.00, which includes Tea/Coffee Limited numbers event so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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